How to Write a Romance Novel

The Lowdown on Writing a Romance Novel

Romance novels are often bestsellers. Readers always look for something new to gush about. These novels are probably one of the best ways to temporarily leave your stressful environment and imagine yourself falling in love as if for the first time.

To learn how to write a romance novel, you have to gather ideas and inspiration from the works of bestselling romance writers. Study how Nora Roberts, Judith Mcnaught, Judy Deveraux, and Sophie Kinsella write. Some romance novels are categorized under chick lit, New Adult, paranormal romance, young adult, and historical romance.

If you are interested in historical romances, your best bet as characters are ladies and noblemen. A snobbish duke falling head over heels with a playful debutante is the usual theme in such novels. On the other hand, chick lit and New Adult romances emphasize women power, although the love angle is evident. These novels feature a twenty-something woman, who is paired with a slightly older man (usually the boss, a businessman, or anyone handsome and affluent).

Teens are also featured in romance novels, and sometimes the characters are otherworldly. Think Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. There was also a period when the shelves were filled with YA paranormal romances featuring werewolves, witches, angels, and aliens.

When writing a romance novel, veer away from cliché and formulas. You can write a novel without resorting too much to the Romeo and Juliet kind. Create fresh characters. Otherwise, your readers would be bored.

Whether you would write love scenes is entirely up to you – it is not necessary. However, publishers have different policies depending on the type of novels they produce, so you have to be flexible. If you’re quite concerned about how readers would take your work, especially the romantic scenes, have your work read by peers and an objective observer. This way you’d know what your target market needs.

Lastly, be true to yourself. The greatest mistake there is to writing is to create a plot half-heartedly, or write a romance novel out of pretense. Be honest with yourself. Some people are not comfortable in writing explicit scenes, so they don’t push themselves to do it just to please their readers. They just write naturally to their heart’s content.