How to Write a Fantasy Novel

 Five Tips to be the Next Fantasy Novel Author

Fantasy novels never lose their charm. Unrealistic as they are, readers still root for characters who could wield magic wands, speak elven language, shoot arrows from great distances, and basically be someone a real person cannot. If you haven’t met such characters yet, then you have been missing a lot.

You could also have envisioned yourself as a fantasy novel author. It is just like writing any kind of novel, only there are elements which are specifically for fantasy novels alone. It can be quite a challenge, but do not despair. Here are five suggestions on how to write a fantasy novel:

Create the general plot

There are a lot of formulaic plots to choose from, but the most common is the proverbial battle between good and evil. All the other nuances are part of the writer’s psyche, or are results of research and experiences. For example, one of your characters could be your alter ego. A sidekick could have been inspired by your best friend in high school. The world of elves and other elementals could have been taken from your country’s rich folklore.

Do your research

All authors, whether seasoned or beginners, understand the power of research. Sure, you can use your wide imagination to create a universe for your novel. However, you can only go as far as your imagination could take you. Research extends that distance and takes you further. It also gives you sufficient background for your allusions and other mythological references. Studies and scholarly articles also give credence to your novel, and your readers would know your writing is not simply a shot in the dark.

Make the characters real

This might ask, “Why do characters have to be real when they figure in a fantasy novel?” The logic behind this tip is to make your readers relate to the characters. For example, Harry Potter reminds you of a boy who has been neglected as a child but grows up surrounded by loving people. Wizard with a lightning scar or not, Harry Potter is still a boy, and he shares the same experiences with them – attending school, gaining best friends and bitter rivals, and falling in love.

Don’t forget the adventure

What is a fantasy novel without the adventure? It’s like bread without butter – bland, blah, and boring. Give the readers their much-needed adrenaline rush. This is what makes fantasy novels so much different from other novels. You provide readers with action, drama, romance – all those elements but in a world which is not theirs.

Give readers a lesson or two

Fantasy novels are also known for being value-laden. Explore themes of friendship, acceptance, and strength of spirit. These values give your work more depth, which would also add to your novel’s lasting appeal.